Antibodies are important tools for identifying, isolating and studying the activity state of proteins.  Moreover, immunohistochemistry allows the localization of proteins in cells.  Most antibodies are obtained from commercial sources although some are made by individual investigators.  Unfortunately, not all antibodies sold work well and not for all purposes.  This section allows investigators to post antibodies that work, what conditions to use, ie dilution  and for what purpose. More than one antibody can be posted for any protein as often it is necessary to use a particular type. We want antibodies tested on pancreas and when possible an illustration showing the result can be included.

Newest Antibodies

Title Post date Author
Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase (eNOS) June 25, 2013 Matthew J. DiMagno
Amylase polyclonal April 19, 2011 Nancy Vogel
Chymotrypsin April 19, 2011 Nancy Vogel
Lipase April 19, 2011 Nancy Vogel
Ribonuclease A April 19, 2011 Nancy Vogel
Elastase April 1, 2011 Nancy Vogel
NFATc1 January 30, 2011 Greg Gurda
Rap1 July 24, 2010 John A. Williams
Galpha 13 May 13, 2010 John A. Williams
Phospho-S6 (Ser240/244) April 2, 2010 John A. Williams