Description (including epitope tag if present): 

N-terminal HA tagged human RGS2 from the University of Missouri Rollo was subcloned into the Adtrack-CMV vector and recombined with pAdEasy-1 in BJ5183 strain of E. coli.


Constructed by Patrick J Casey, Duke University.  Available from Dr. Williams with permission from Dr. Casey

How used: 

Has been used to inhibit Gq signaling in prostate cancer cells and mouse pancreatic acinar cells.  Does not affect GaS or Ga13

Publications describing the vector and usage: 

  1. Kelly, P, LN Stemmle, JF Madden, TA Fields, Y Daaka, and PJ Casey. A role for the G12 family of heterotrimeric G proteins in prostate cancer invasion. J Biol Chem 281:26483-26490, 2006  
  2. Sabbatini, ME, Y Bi, B Ji, SA Ernst, and JA Williams.  CCK activates RhoA and Rac1 differentially through Ga13 and Gaq in mouse pancreatic acini.  Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 298:C592-C601, 2010.