Description (including epitope tag if present): 

The cDNA for RapGAP was cloned into the pAdtrack-CMV vector and recombined with pAdEasy.  The virus expresses Rap1GAP and GFP behind separate promoters.  Their is no epitope tag but the Rap1GAP  can be recognized by Western blotting using rabbit Ab against Rap1GAP obtained from SantaCruz (sc28189)


Constructed by Patrick J Casey, Duke University; Can be obtained from John Williams with permission from Dr. Casey

How used: 

Over expression of Rap1GAP which occurs in rat or mouse pancreatic acini in 2-16 hours will block the activation of Rap1 by inactivating it as soon as it is activated and block the effect of Rap1 to facilitate amylase secretion.  It does not affect the increase in calcium signalling or generation of cAMP.

Publications describing the vector and usage: 

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