Constitutively active Gq

Full name (if applicable): 

Galpha q (Q209L)

Description (including epitope tag if present): 

The mouse sequence for Gαq with a Q209L mutation in pcDNA1 was obtained from Silvio Gutkind (NIH, Bethesda MD) and used to prepare adenovirus using the Adeasy system by Yan Bi in the Williams lab. 

How used: 

The viral vector has been used to overexpress active Gq in rat and mouse pancreatic acini.  Overexpressed protein can be demonstrated by Western blotting using a rabbit Ab to Gq from Santa Cruz after 12 to 14 hours.  This was accompanied by activation of Rac1, dissruption of the apical actin cytosketon and formation of basolateral blebs.

Publications describing the vector and usage: 

Sabbatini ME, Bi Y, Ji, B, Ernst SA, and Williams JA.  CCK activates RhoA and Rac1 differentially through Gα13 and Gαq in mouse pancreatic acini.  Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 298:C592-C601, 2010.