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Name Institution Country Memberships
Jacob, Tony George All India Institute of Medical Sciences India None
Jang, Yujin School of Biomedical Sciences The University of Queensland Australia None
Jaster, Robert Dept. of Medicine II, Div. of Gastroenterology, University Medicine Rostock Rostock EPC, IAP
Javaherizadeh, Payam Veterans Affairs Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System/UCLA None
Javed, Tanveer Children's Hospital of UPMC United States None
Jaworek, Jolanta Jagiellonian University Poland EPC, IAP
Jena, Bhanu Wayne State University School of Medicine USA None
Ji, Baoan Mayo Clinic USA APA
Jin, ShunQian Pittsburgh Children's Hospital USA None
Jones, Elaina University of Wisconsin, Madison United States None
Jorgensen, Claus The Institute of Cancer Research UK None
joshi, harshad medical trust hospital India None